Sunday, August 7, 2016

Sealing Wax: A Postal Test

Okay, one more post on wax seals.  In an effort to test which sealing wax brand(s) would survive a trip through the United States Postal System, I mailed four envelopes that traveled roughly 300 miles. Two of the envelopes had seals of Atelier-Gargoyle wax (purchased from the Goulet Pen Co.), one had a seal of Gartner Studios wax (purchased from Michaels), and one had a seal of The Paper Studio wax (purchased from Hobby Lobby).

Atelier-Gargoyle wax

All four seals survived the journey pretty much intact.  The two seals made with the Atelier-Gargoyle wax still clung to the paper.  When I peeled the seals off the envelopes, one took some paper with it; the other did not.  The seal made with The Paper Studio wax seemed the least secure when I formed the seal, and it easily peeled off the envelope.  I am surprised that it made the journey.  The seal made with the Gartner Studios wax is in between.  It peeled off the envelope relatively easily but did not feel like it would just fall off.

Gartner Studios wax

This is not exactly a fair test.  First, two envelopes had Atelier-Gargoyle wax, and each seal behaved differently.  Second, the colors of the wax are different.  Perhaps the dyes are important.  Third, maybe I did a poor job making some of the seals.  And fourth, let's face it -- only four envelopes.  Not exactly clinical trials size.  So, a tentative conclusion: If you want maximum adhesion, I think Atelier-Gargoyle is the best bet, followed by Gartner Studios, and then The Paper Studio.  Of course, not everyone wants maximum adhesion.  Some people use seals on wedding invitations, for example; the seals go inside other envelopes and the senders do not want torn paper.  If so, wax from The Paper Studio might be perfect and from Atelier-Gargoyle, terrible.  It all depends on your needs.  

The Paper Studio wax

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