Sunday, March 13, 2016

Up Close and Personal (aka the yin and yang of loupes)

Fountain pen enthusiasts like Staples office supply stores for their Sustainable Earth writing pads and their Black n' Red notebooks.  The former are regarded as fountain pen friendly (I agree) and the latter seem that way, too, in my limited experience.  Recently, I discovered another reason to like Staples:  Its illuminated loupe.

Loupes (magnifying glasses) are useful for checking out fountain pens, for example, to make sure the tines are aligned.  I bought my first loupe at a science and hobby store.  It doesn't have a light and I'm not sure about the magnification, but it looks identical to a low-tier loupe that Steven Brown discusses.  In contrast, the Insten loupe, available at Staples, magnifies 40 times (so it says), it has an LED light, and it costs only $7.69!  Amazing!   If you're looking for a loupe, I think this is an excellent start.

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