Sunday, February 28, 2016

Is Noodler's Kanwrite (and vice versa)?

I understand that Noodler's pens (USA) are made with parts and materials from different states and countries, including India.  Mr. Nathan Tardif, founder and CEO of Noodler's, makes that clear with every Noodler's pen sold.  No problem.  But I was intrigued when I came across a YouTube video pretty much equating the Noodler's Ahab and a Kanwrite pen; Kanwrite is an Indian pen company.  So, what is the story?  One retailer suggested that I contact Luxury Brands, the distributor for Noodler's products.  I did so and Luxury Brands -- to my understanding -- denied any connection between Noodler's and Kanwrite.  I like Noodler's; I'm not trying to cause problems.  But as an enthusiast, I'd like to know -- what is the story?  [UPDATE, May 24, 2016:  A post on Fountain Pen Network clarifies this matter, somewhat.]  

Noodler's resin Konrad, not the Ahab (although it's just a sketch, so what the heck) 


  1. Well, I have been in personal contact with the Kanwrite guys. They told me that as asked by Noodler's, the design and body is made by them, and then sent over to the Noodler's. To be brief, it's f**king cheap here in India, as far as the Indian fountain pen industry is considered. Moreover, these Kanwrite guys have almost identical pen models to Noodler's (such as the Noodler's Ahab Ivory Darkness).

  2. Thanks! Nice to see that someone stumbled upon the blog. My follow-up question concerns design. If Mr. Tardif designs his pens -- as I think he says -- and Kanwrite makes them, why aren't the designs unique to Noodler's?