Sunday, September 7, 2014

Rosetta Magellan with Pendleton Point

The Rosetta Magellan is a pen about which I have not seen or heard much. The barrel and cap are an attractive flaked acrylic (at least the green pen is flaked). What makes the pen special, though, is that it can be purchased as is or with a “Pendleton Point Elegant Butter-line Stub~Italic.” What in the world? This is a nib customized by nib-meister Pendleton Brown. The Pendleton-ized nib can be ordered in fine, medium, and broad, which translates, respectively, into .3 to .4 mm, .6 to .7 mm, and .9 to 1.0 mm, according to Mr. Brown himself. 

When I ordered my pen from Mr. Brown, he explained that he had run out of the green model, so he put in an order for me with ipenstore, and he volunteered to tune the pen if necessary free of charge. That’s service. I took him up on the offer.

One disadvantage of the pen has nothing to do with the Pendleton Point. Although the pen comes with a card explaining that capping the pen (a threaded cap) is best done by first turning the cap counterclockwise, I still have trouble getting the threads to align and have to try several times.

The Rosetta Magellan with a Pendleton Point comes in several colors and uses a standard international converter (included) and cartridge. It is available through Pendleton’s Pens and ipenstore.

Rosetta Magellan



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