Sunday, September 14, 2014

Edison Nouveau Premiere: Autumn Harvest

The Goulet Pen Company and the Edison Pen Company are long time collaborators located in the United States. Their longest running collaborative effort is the Edison Nouveau Premiere. Last winter, Goulet and Edison went a step further and began producing special edition seasonal Premieres. So far, they have released Black Ice (winter), Cherry Blossom (spring), Caribbean Sea (summer), and now, Autumn Harvest (fall). All four pens are acrylic and, with the exception of Autumn Harvest, are “swirly.” Because these are special edition seasonal pens, only Autumn Harvest is available at this time, and eventually it will be succeeded by the new winter edition. You can hear the story of the Edison Nouveau Premiere special edition from the Goulets themselves. Although tempted by some of the other special editions, I took the plunge and bought the Autumn Harvest.

As the Goulets explain, Autumn Harvest is comparable to another Goulet-Edison collaboration, the limited edition Edison Nouveau Encore in Tortoise Flake (long gone), and the Encore is comparable to the Edison Pearlette in Aztec Gold Flake (available).

Several people have commented on the smooth Edison nibs. Out of the box, though, this nib seemed slightly scratchy. I might contact Edison to ask about an adjustment.  [UPDATE: I actually contacted the Goulet Pen Co., who suggested some nib tweaking.  Instead, I carefully removed the nib and feed from the nib collar, with some effort, then realigned and reinserted.  This seems to have solved the problem with no direct work on the nib.]   

Goulet is known for superb customer service and has made online shopping actually seem personal. In addition, browsing the Goulet website offers an education in the world of fountain pens. Edison is a small fountain pen maker known for quality work. And if you want a custom made fountain pen, Edison can help there, too.  In all, Goulet and Edison are a great team.

Edison Nouveau Premiere in Autumn Harvest

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