Sunday, September 28, 2014

Dallas Pen Show 2014

The 21st Annual Dallas Pen Show was September 26 and 27 (Dallas, Texas, USA). What can you do at a pen show? You can:
  • meet and talk with the vendors. Rough estimate, 40 to 50 vendors were present, ranging from brick and mortar stores to web stores to individual sellers, although the lines distinguishing the categories can be blurry.
  • look at, fondle, and test pens. Very rough estimate, thousands of pens were present: vintage, new, new old stock, and pre-owned. One vendor had a display model of the yet to be released Noodler’s Neponset.
  • have nibs customized and pens repaired.
  • buy paper, ink, inkwells, books, and other pen stuff.
  • attend talks on pen repair, writing, and other topics.
  • participate in a silent auction.
  • buy a pen show t-shirt.
  • get a free bottle of ink; the special pen show ink this year was a Noodler’s green.
  • get a free copy of Pen World.
  • and, of course, BUY pens.
If you’re a fountain pen geek, there is nothing like the immersion experience of a pen show!

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