Friday, August 8, 2014

I Want More NoNonsense: The Sheaffer NoNonsense

From what I have seen in other forums, people love this pen; I love it, too. PenHero has a great history of the NoNonsense fountain pen with photos. As he explains, there are several variations (e.g., original, vintage, Old Timer). Some are easy to find used or New Old Stock (NOS); others are more challenging…and expensive. If there is a Sheaffer representative out there or someone who knows a Sheaffer rep, I have a friendly recommendation: Bring back the NoNonsense. Not the calligraphy pen with the rubber section and not the Jellies but the original NoNonsense fountain pen. I think these things would sell. As PenHero notes, “It's really too bad that Sheaffer has cut back on this pen because of its potential as a ‘five dollar ambassador’….Sheaffer is missing out.”

Sheaffer NoNonsense, Vintage, Blue Marbled 


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