Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Pilot Pluminix

I seem to be fascinated with pens not readily available to me; thus, I was eager to get a Pilot Pluminix, the mini version of the Pilot Plumix. The Pluminix pens are impossible to find in the US, but I discovered that they can be purchased via Amazon France. You don’t even need to set up a new Amazon account if you have one already. It helps if you can read French, but context counts for a lot. As reviewers have noted, the Pluminix takes standard (short) international cartridges and, of course, has a shorter barrel, but almost everything else looks the same on the Plumix. This means, as also noted, that you can swap some parts between the Pluminix and the Plumix, which is handy if, say, you prefer to use standard international cartridges on your Plumix or Pilot cartridges on your Pluminix. With the latter, though, only the long cartridges work, and the barrel is big enough.  The short cartridges have pegs on the side so they do not fit into the section. (I imagine, though, that a knife or nail clippers will easily fix the problem.) In addition, since the sections of the Pluminix and the Plumix take different cartridges, the feeds are slightly different, at least where they meet up with the cartridges.

Pilot Pluminix

Pilot Plumix


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